Black Mountain Exchange

Black Mountain Exchange is a convenience store and gas station located in Lynch, just down the hill from Solomon’s Porch Retreat Center. We are operated by Meridzo Center ministries.

“The Exchange” serves pizza, hot dogs, and other ready-to-eat foods. We also sell grocery staples and convenience store items; and, have a growing camping and outdoors section in the store, including a bait cooler.

One of the primary ways we minister to the community is by offering locals (and visitors) gasoline and diesel fuel at affordable prices. We typically offer the lowest fuel prices in the Tri-City area; and, are the last gas and diesel available in Kentucky before crossing Black Mountain.

As business has grown we have been able to begin to provide jobs and always try to reach out to our customers to fulfill the Meridzo mission of “Helping People and Sharing Jesus”.

There is also a propane cylinder exchange program.We accept all major credit cards and accept EBT.


Black Mountain Exchange
Meridzo Center Development Corporation
16 E. Main Street Lynch, KY 42519
(606) 848-3600