Faithfully Fit

Faithfully Fit has no enrollment fees and reduced monthly memberships!
Faithfully Fit is a gym and fitness center for men, women and families. Memberships are available or you can pay by the day. Faithfully Fit is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday mornings from 7-10 a.m. and afternoons from 12-7 p.m. (Closed Wed., Sat. & Sun.)


For years the community has wanted someplace to work out. We are excited God has provided a gym for men, women and families operated by Meridzo Center Development Corp. and Meridzo Center, Inc. The gym is located in the former coal mining academy building at 1306 Kingdom Come Drive in Cumberland, KY.

Affordable memberships are available for men, women, seniors, and families. Day passes are also available for just $5. Proceeds go to operating and maintaining the facilities.

The gym has circuit training equipment, exercise machines, and some free weights/dumbbells. (See our wish list below.) For more information drop by, visit our Facebook page, or call 606-894-0227.

CircuitTrainingEquipment    ExerciseMachines

Faithfully Fit Wish/Needs List:

Access Control System (Combination or Key Card Locks)
Commercial-Grade Treadmill(s)
Commercial-Grade Elliptical(s)
Flat sceen/screen smart TVs (with DVR?)
Wall/ceiling Mount Fans

Please contact Lonnie Riley at 606-848-2766 if you would like to donate or sponsor any of the items above. (We can provide you with a tax receipt for eligible item or monetary donations.)

Faithfully Fit Gym
1306 Kingdom Come Drive Cumberland, KY
Mailing: P.O. Box 668 Lynch, KY 40855