Meridzo’s Maytown Center

I am born of God: the evil one cannot touch me.                                     I John 5:18

Meridzo’s Maytown Center (MMC) is a faith-based community center that functions under the non-profit name, “Alive in the Mountains, Inc.”  Directors are John and Mary Liner.

We believe that all people are created equal and loved by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Meridzo’s Maytown Center (MMC) is a place where people can bring about positive changes in their community through volunteer opportunities, community activities, and working together on community projects.


There are unlimited service opportunities whether it be updating and repairs on Maytown Center buildings, helping with home repairs in the community, volunteering a few hours in our food pantry or clothes closet, or working on our grounds mowing, weeding and trimming to beautify our property. God uses everyone in different ways.  But always our main focus is people and showing the Love of Christ. If you are interested in booking a team or if you live local and want to just come and volunteer a few hours. We would love to hear from you.


Call or email Mary or John at 606-285-0539 or


  • Cleaning supplies ( dawn, Lysol spray, bathroom cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners,  green works, rubber gloves and brooms with dustpans)
  • Trash bags ( kitchen size and 55 gallon size)
  • Can goods ( pinto beans, corn, peas, tuna, Vienna sausages, beanie weenies, peanut butter, soups, sauces and pastas)
  • Fresh or Frozen Meats for food pantry
  • Gator    ( God Met The Need! )
  • Men and Women toiletries and personals ( underwear, deodorant, soap ,etc. )
  • 6 LED exit lights
  • 2-8ft. plastic folding tables
  • 2-6ft. plastic folding tables
  • Windows 36×48 or larger
  • New and like new childrens clothes and shoes
  • A Structural engineer to access placement of new floor in Auditorium
  • plow and enclosure for a 2012 Gator 825I XUV.
  • Bobcat
  • 5  ceiling fans for lunchroom, dark bronze
  • 2 enclosed outdoor ceiling fans for pavilion
  • 220 air conditioner for mens dorm room.

Meridzo’s Maytown Center also houses:

Tae Kwan Do  –Tuesday and Thursday Call 606-226-2540 for info. on classes.

Meridzo’s Maytown Center
John and Mary Liner, Directors
11 2nd Avenue Langley, KY 41645
(606) 285-0539